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Getting Started

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Getting Started

How can I try a yoga class for free?

If you’re looking for a place to begin with your practice and you don’t already subscribe to The Underbelly, you can sign up today for a free 2 week trial of classes. We recommend starting with the Air Track, moving into Earth, and then when you’re ready, Fire. Jessamyn also has a free flows available on Youtube – here’s a playlist of classes for beginners.

If I’m a beginner on the Underbelly, where do I start?

If you’re a beginner and even if you’re not, we recommend starting on the Air track and going in order. Air is focused on essential postures, detailed instruction and breath work, it is a “work in” as much as a “workout”. Next, Earth track puts together all you learned in Air with grounding sequences that strengthen. Fire track brings the heat and challenges you to push through peak postures at a faster pace. After you complete the program once through, we encourage you try Seeds, Sprouts, and all our other content. Jump around to your favorite tracks and what you feel you need in the moment. 

As a beginner, how do you suggest following along? Should I watch a class before I attempt it or just wing it and rely on repetition to learn?

This is entirely up to you! Since you’re in the comfort of your own home, you can totally watch the class through before trying it out if that feels most comfortable. You can also act as though you’re in an in-person class, get into the breath first. Only look up when you really need to- you don’t need to follow every movement perfectly. Give up to the practice, do what feels right. 

Tech FAQ

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Tech FAQ

how do I use The Underbelly on Roku?

Head over to the channel store on Roku and search The Underbelly or click here. Log in just as you normally would and you’re all set!

can i watch The Underbelly Yoga App on my TV?

Yes! You can stream The Underbelly Yoga Via Roku, Apple TV, Smart TV and other connections. We recommend googling to see what option works with your television and for any instructions.

I am technology challenged. Can you show me how to buy the props you use for yoga and anything on how to get started?

We’re happy you’ve found your way to The Underbelly! You can always use items around the house as yoga props- a belt for a strap, books for some blocks, pillows or sofa cushions for bolsters, etc. But once you’re ready to invest in your practice, we recommend starting with 2 blocks, a strap, a bolster, & a mat! You can browse more yoga gear and accessories in our shop.

Yoga FAQs

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Yoga FAQs

What if I can’t do a posture in a class?

DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT. Just watch. Seriously. It’s not that big of a deal. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, and sometimes you’re starting from solely watching. 

Are there any additional modifications to child’s pose besides extended child’s pose?

If you’re experiencing a lot of discomfort in child’s pose, you may try a variation often called Thunderbolt Pose. It’s similar but may feel more accessible. Other options include crisscross apple sauce or just sitting upright however you’re comfortable. When/if child’s pose feels more accessible, you can start by modifying it with an extremely extended and supported version (basically add as many bolsters, pillows, and/or blankets as it takes to feel more comfortable).

What’s a good alternative to happy baby pose?

Bound angle pose is a great alternative and offers a lot of the same physical benefits.

How can I get a good shoulder stretch when I can’t clasp my hands behind my back?

Grab a strap! If you don’t have one, almost anything will do- a sweatshirt, a belt, some PJ pants. No need to focus on the clasping action if it isn’t accessible- just do what feels good.

How can I make poses like cat/cow or child’s more comfortable if I have bad knees?

All postures can be adapted to be more accessible for those with tender knees, by use of modification or counterpose- the actual modification just depends on the posture. If you’re experiencing a lot of discomfort in child’s pose, you may try a variation often called Thunderbolt Pose. It’s similar but may feel more accessible. For cat pose & cow pose- I would recommend sitting on your butt and placing your hands on your thighs or knees. I want to say that those postures are not basic- they are hard and they shine light on what makes you most vulnerable. Usually, it is something beneath the surface around what you’re worth/not being good enough/etc. That self-exploration is the yoga you’re seeking and if that’s coming up, it really doesn’t matter what the posture looks like because you’re definitely practicing it perfectly.

  • If the knees are tender but the sensation is bearable- cushion your knees and wrists with blankets, and focus on drawing energy and attention to your core- not sucking in your stomach, but drawing attention there so that less tension is on your knees.
  • This will also help strengthen your knees in the long run- not just the joints themselves but bringing more attention to the core will balance out your body energetically so it doesn’t feel like one region is taking more weight than any other region

I’m a beginner who is afraid of inversions, do you have any suggestions for inversion benches?

Fear of inversions is SO REAL. I personally use this yogacise bench, there’s still plenty of fear to overcome once it’s time to give it a shot, but hopefully, this bench will make that fear easier to overcome.

Can I practice using a binder?

We recommend asking your doctor or physical therapist. In the meantime, here are a few resources we found: a thread on reddit from a yogi seeking advice, pain alleviation tips from a genderqueer massage therapist, and binding safety from a binder company.