tune into yourself and live authentically every day with yoga on The Underbelly

Fall over, fart, curse, get up or stay down. You are the yoga you need.

for less than the cost of one studio class a month,
grab your mat. we are waiting for you.

“I just don’t even have adequate words to express how perfect my first practice was. Affirming, embodied, and validating for so many reasons. @mynameisjessamyn is a precious and wise teacher.
— Delaine
“I just don’t even have adequate words to express how perfect my first practice was. Affirming, embodied, and validating for so many reasons. @mynameisjessamyn is a precious and wise teacher.
— Delaine

take up space.

dare to amplify yourself.
your strength is awaiting release. 

“I practiced along with the first Air Track video and cried- I feel so seen and able to create space to hold myself. Thank you”

rest your mind.


The Underbelly

At The Underbelly, we believe you are enough, just as you are. We make space for you to tune in with yourself and live authentically every day.

We believe that as long as one of us is unwell, we are all unwell. We make space for individual healing as a catalyst for our collective healing.

The Underbelly celebrates:

radical inclusivity
radical honesty
our differences
& learning

The Underbelly is a community for everyone who feels overlooked and underserved by the wellness industry. Our goal is to empower you to show up and take up space. You possess within yourself everything that’s needed for yoga and beyond. Fall over, fart, curse, get up or stay down. You are the yoga you need. 

I have never liked yoga and have never “got” the healing hype etc. but I tried Jessamyn Stanley’s new Underbelly yoga app and honestly it felt so good.
— @spriggytime
Do you know how long I’ve waited for someone to make yoga classes that take my body type into consideration? This is what my morning looks like, and what a wonderful thing it is. Thanks.
— Michelle
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Jessamyn Stanley

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Durham, NC

Jessamyn is a double cancer (sun & moon), professional nerd, macaroni & cheese aficionado, and an internationally acclaimed leading voice in wellness.

Her first book, ‘Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear. Get On the Mat. Love Your Body,’ has inspired global audiences to discover the power of yoga and self-acceptance. She is a regular contributor for SELF Magazine and is consistently featured in many media outlets, including The New York Times, CNN, Good Morning America, Vogue, InStyle, BET, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Allure, Shape, Out Magazine, and Forbes.

When not manifesting or in a yoga flow state, Jessamyn can be found staring at the sky or soaking in North Carolina’s best rivers and bathtubs. She collects vintage furniture and is the surrogate mother of several very charismatic plants, cats and the cutest mini chihuahua you’ve ever seen.

Jessamyn has a lot of opinions about how to prepare the perfect cup of tea, and she is addicted to Wikipedia. Jessamyn has never met a pair of sunglasses or a cell phone that she couldn’t eventually break and her ultimate yoga album is Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City.

Mary Carr

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Durham, NC
Mary is a Leo Sun and loves basking in the light of all celestial bodies.
Dedicated coffee addict, Duke’s mayonnaise snob and pickler of all things. She’s happiest in her garden, cultivating, manifesting and dreaming. She deeply values curiosity and seeks out nature to recharge. Floating in the ocean is about the best medicine she can find, second only to snuggling with her human babies. And while she misses the mountains immensely, she loves calling Durham, NC home.

Anna Rooney

Chief of Staff
Brooklyn, NY
Anna is a Libra (sun and rising), enneagram 2 with a 9 life path.

She studied Music Education at St. Cloud State University, Performing Arts Management at The University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and has an MA in New Media and Global Education from Appalachian State University. She met Jessamyn when they were graduate school cohorts in 2010, and spent a decade as a non-profit founder, theatre producer, executive assistant, and recruiter before joining the UB team in May 2020. The foundation of her wellness practice is 7-9 hours of sleep every night, and yoga and cannabis have supported her journey through endometriosis, anxiety, and celiac disease. She loves dairy-free mint chocolate chip ice cream, Palm Springs, overalls, pigeon pose, and the feeling after a good poo. 

Jocelyn Jackson

Chief Marketing Officer
New York, NY
Jocelyn is a Libra (sun; Taurus moon and rising), Marketing, data and strategic insights nerd with 14 years of experience, and proud of it.

Lover of the written word, photographer, music fanatic, certified plant mom, moon groupie and The Queen of Motivational QuotesÔ. Hair color is her mood board for seasonal energy shifts. Inclusion champion and culture keeper. Jocelyn’s passionate about creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive world, and knows that major change starts with the womxn in the mirror. Jocelyn holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing from New York University’s Leonard Stern School of Business, and a Master of Arts degree in corporate communication from Baruch College. She knows stuff…but is chill about it. 

Chaz VanHoose

Social Media Associate
Raleigh, NC
Double Taurus (sun & moon). Plant mom. Veggie queen.

Chaz’s wellness practice looks like sweaty workouts, long stretches, time outside, & warm baths. She enjoys creating- whether it be mood boards, paintings, new recipes, or a gluten-free treat. She makes a mean matcha, loves a good picnic, and is passionate about all things food, recreation, style, and sustainability. As a recent Summa Cum Laude graduate of NC State University, Chaz hopes to specialize in all things creative, brand, & community. She began working with Jessamyn as an intern and has since grown into a number of other roles- from social media manager at Dear Jessamyn and Jessamyn’s personal social media associate, to our very own social media associate here at The Underbelly. 

Sami Housman

Head of Product
Los Angeles, CA

Sami is an 6ft tall, Aries sun and native New Yorker turned Cali convert.

She has spent the past decade working in the entertainment industry, first for UTA and CESD before starting her own management company, Melrose Placed. During her time as an agent, Sami was recognized in Variety’s Power of Youth as an impactful industry figure for her work with top emerging talent. Now on the creative side as a manager, producer, and consultant she works to bring marginalized communities and voices into the spotlight. Driven to use media as a means to create social impact, Sami delivers a creative and unique voice to entertainment. She received a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Radio, Television and Film and Gender Studies. She is a member of the Female Founders Collective, a certified yoga teacher and Underbelly devotee and never without one hand in a bag of potato chips (Boulder Canyon Kettle Chips with Avocado Oil for the win!)

Melody Minagar

Social Media Manager
Westlake Village, CA
Persian-American, Aries, Social introvert but social media extrovert.

Melody manages social media for celebrities, brands and public figures, and joined The Underbelly in the spring of 2019. Melody’s necessities include alone time to recharge, creative expression and rhythmic movement (both yoga & dancing). She’s into spiritualism, self portraits and getting her hands dirty. Pasta is her love language. Firmly believes art heals the world. 

Ashe Phoenix

Production Manager
Durham, NC

With a workday evenly split between hollering about justice and silently playing with audio/editing digital content, and this balance makes both ashe’s loud Aries sun and her meticulous Virgo rising happy. 

She is a southern white and cares a great deal for motorcycle riding (’83 Suzuki GR-650) and learning about astrology (Aries sun, Gemini moon, Virgo rising). She studied The Psychology of White Supremacy in undergrad and secretly knew she would end up applying it to anything other than a psych career. Lakes > swimming pools, seconds > dessert, bluegrass > country, glasses > contacts. Ashe is the only person in her house who likes homemade pizza, but luckily, any version of gourmet mac and cheese is a widely shared love.