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When I was a little girl, I used to run wild. Hair in knots, digging rose quartz out of the creek and watching salamanders scurry under rocks, laying on the pillowy softness of the pine forest floor, admiring the way the treetops sway in the wind. I decorated mud pies and left them to bake in the sun while I picked the tiniest bouquets full of buttercups and violets. I left gifts for fairies in a rotted-out tree stump. I sat at my grandmother’s feet, stringing beans and eating transparent apple slices out of saltwater, putting a considerable dent in the future stock of apple sauce. My favorite colors were purple and green because purple was the color of the butterfly bush in my grandmother’s backyard- it looked especially beautiful against the bright green leaves of the snowball bush behind it (and yes, these are still my favorite colors).

Perhaps my double Taurus nature is showing, but one constant remains in my ever-evolving wellness practice: mother earth and her many, many gifts. 

Today, many of those gifts happen to be through the lens of my 5-month-old puppy, Rhubarb, and his overwhelming excitement and wonder for everything he encounters. Especially leaves, flowers, and clover patches. His favorite time of day is our sniff walk, where we walk around my apartment building smelling everything in sight- every piece of mulch, every tree trunk, and every patch of flowers. He has a special affinity for the orange flowers, each time we pass them, he lunges in their direction, hoping for a bite. He thanks me for letting him have 20 minutes of uninterrupted sniffing, and I thank him for reminding me of all the little wonders of the world.

Watching him experience the world reminds me much of my own experience as a young child, completely immersed in the world, finding inspiration and awe throughout it all. Allowing myself to slow down enough to experience that same wonder and appreciation is a practice I have been extra intentional about lately. This is especially true for the most simple and otherwise mundane acts- washing dishes, chopping vegetables, walking through the produce aisle, going through my skincare routine, long walks, deep side stretches, and even deeper breaths. There is much intimacy to be discovered within oneself and our surroundings simply by slowing down enough to peel back the layers.

Sometimes this shift feels like a magic trick. One with eternal range. One that offers groundedness in chaos, sensation in stillness, and magic in the mundane. It is one that allows me to feel abundant joy, constant connectedness, and endless gratitude. But I would be taking far too much credit to imply that this magic trick is one without inspiration and support outside of myself. Cannabis and psilocybin are two of my favorite of earth’s tools for their ability to metamorphose both the mundane and magical into something utterly mystifying and magnificent. They have taught me to slow down and savor so many things that I ordinarily would have rushed through with my mind elsewhere. They spark a sense of child-like wonder within me. They illuminate the world through a new, lustrous lens. 

These tools perform differently in every dosage, body, and stage of life. They ebb and flow in their utility and their offerings. In my experience, microdoses of both for different reasons and at different times offer the most support in my personal wellness practice. In addition to all of the above, they have played an incredible role in my personal journey of chronic illness and existing as an immunocompromised person in a global pandemic. Cannabis has been a godsend for pain, while psilocybin aids in perspective and finding small joys that make this life more pleasurable. 

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I could go on, but I want to hear from you. In the spirit of destigmatization and community connection, if you feel called, share your personal wellness journey with cannabis or psilocybin below. To wellness, your way.💜

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