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Except for our series "School Yourself", classes may contain profanity.

Major Arcana

The Major Arcana of the Tarot is the story of our lives. Each card represents the cycles of challenges, successes, and celebrations we all go through. Embark on your Fool’s Journey with these 22 classes built around each archetype in the Major Arcana. We’ll hold your hand the whole way. Explore Major Arcana.

One of the most intimidating aspects of yoga is often inversions – we’re here to flip that script! This collection of 16 classes builds on the foundation of our Air, Earth, Fire, and Water tracks to help you find the courage and strength to get upside down. Trust yourself, trust the process, and embrace the fear of falling. Explore Bottoms Up.

Classes to nourish you morning, noon and night. Whether you need help waking up, getting refocused or winding down, we got you. Explore AM-PM.

We know there isn’t a cure for every hurt but we’d like to think that there is always something to make you feel just a little better than before. The Remedies series is a collection of classes to remedy the growing pains we all feel sometimes. We hope in every posture and through every breath, you feel your own love, acceptance and healing. Explore Remedies.

If you’re looking for a 10-minute yoga class you can do from your couch, I’ve got you. These postures are my favorite for a day spent binging The Crown, hibernating in bed, sitting at my desk all day, or really whenever I need a good stretch. We’ll be breathing our way through plenty of shoulder stretches, hip, and heart openers- Upward Salute, wall stretches, One-Legged Pigeon, and Bound Angle Pose with modifications along the way. Explore Hibernation.

No bleeps! This series is profanity free, perfect for practicing anytime and anywhere. All classes are beginner friendly, radiating with inner child energy, curiosity and the playfulness you love about The Underbelly. Take a moment to sit down and look within – you’re your best teacher! Explore School Yourself. 

Catch your breath and find your center with us here for some silent healing. Explore Breathwork and Meditation classes. 

Indulge in yourself with these flows designed to reconnect you to pleasure and self-care. Unfurl and let yourself Blossom. Explore Blossoms.

Plant the Seeds to your practice and watch them grow. Let’s slow it down. All of our bodies are unique and will look different as we listen and move through the postures. Breath deeply. Look within. Deepen your relationship with how your body moves. These are short classes, try one a few times or try a few at a time – it’s all good. Make your own sequences up as you go with your favorite new postures. Explore Seeds.


You can’t always spend an hour on the mat. Sprout your practice with these shorter flows. Utilize and celebrate your new awareness of how your body makes specific postures in all their glory and enjoy the shorter sequences! This is a great place to grow your at home practice and learn sequences that can go with you anywhere. Practice a few at a time or find your favorite and hit replay again and again. Only you know how you yoga! Explore Sprouts.

If you’re brand new to yoga, this is the place to start! Learn how to connect your breath to your movement with foundational postures and basic sequences. Go at your own pace and let the breath guide you – you’re doing amazing. Explore the Air Track.

Get grounded in your home practice. These classes take what you already know and add hip openers, balance postures, and lay the foundation for inversions. You are strong and powerful. Stand in that truth. Explore the Earth Track.

Ready to kick it up a notch? Build heat and get your sweat on with quick-paced flows designed to energize your spirit. We add heart openers to your repertoire, inviting you to get deep in your feelings and let your soul guide you. You got this. Explore the Fire Track. 

Tap into the fluidity of your mind, body, and spirit with this collection of meditation practices. Get up close and personal with yourself by focusing on the rhythm of your breath and learning to be more compassionate with yourself. Have a seat, take a stand, or do whatever makes you most comfortable— these classes can be done wherever you are. Let’s breathe, surrender, and go with the flow. Explore the Water Track.

Time is made up and oh, so hard to find! Find some time to reconnect and remember who you are. You’ve got this. We’ll see you there! Explore classes under 10 minutes.

Fall over, fart, curse, get up, or stay down. You deserve radical love 💜 and there is no one better to give it to you than yourself. Explore classes under 20 minutes.

Listen to your body. It knows what you need. Revisit these tracks as often as you need. You’ve got this.

Meet you on the mat!

xoxo, JS